Geostorm: final trailer

At the end of last year came the news that Geostorm was undergoing expensive reshoots, ahead of its release this coming October. Fortunately though, things seem to be back on track ahead on the movie’s release in just under a month.

Geostorm is a film that’s quietly been on our radar for a while now, not least because the idea looks like an absolute hoot. Its plot seems to smash two stories together. On the one hand, there are climate controlling satellites in space that are causing a massive, man-made ‘geostorm’. And then there’s a plot to assassinate the president. Gerard Butler is leading the cast.

The film is being directed by Dean Devlin, the writer and producer on the likes of Stargate and Independence Day. But it doesn’t sound as though his directorial debut has been entirely going to plan. The film wrapped shooting back at the start of 2015, and originally was set for a 2016 release. However, poor test screenings have led to a prolonged post-production period. And now a story has bubbled up about expensive reshoots for the movie.

Reshoots are nothing new in Hollywood of course, and Star Wars: Rogue One has been a high-profile beneficiary. But this time, the director of the movie is not actively involved.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Danny Cannon – who helmed the first Judge Dredd movie, and more recently has been working on Gotham– has come in to oversee two more weeks of production. Warner Bros is said to be investing “up to $15m” in the work, with “some notable characters even being jettisoned from the script”.

Warner Bros insiders are putting the big bill down to the cost of bringing an international cast back together, some two years after they wrapped filming on the movie. That, and the cost of the extensive visual effects.

Devlin’s absence is also being played down, with the sheer fact that he was unavailable to film the new footage the given reason as to why Danny Cannon has come on board.



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