Give Them Wings

Sean Cronin

Sean Cronin is best known for playing villains in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including James Bond, Harry Potter and The Mummy, now he is set to direct the life story of disabled football fan Paul Hodgson. The first actors announced for this heartwarming film include Bill Fellows (Casualty), Mark Stobbart (Almost Married), Katie Sheridan (Waking The Dead) and James Baxter (Emmerdale). Music for this exciting film will be created by the award winning songwriter Tony Waddington and the feature will be produced by Mike Jarvie, Margaret Collins, Ian Carter, Paul Hodgson and Sean Cronin.

GIVE THEM WINGS is the inspiring true story of wheelchair bound Paul Hodgson, his journey pulls on heart strings with it’s emotional tale of a paraplegic football fan as his struggles with his disability.

When he was ten months old, Paul suffered meningitis that left him unable to move and speak, his father has never been able to accept his son’s disability. Paul’s passion for football drives him to make a difference to his life despite his afflictions. Desperate to escape his fathers bullying, Paul makes the bold decision to leave home and eventually his mother Alice decides to accompany him. After Alice suffers a serious stroke and develops Alzheimers, Paul refuses to allow his mother to deteriorate alone in a care home.

Soon Jane arrives to help out and an emotional relationship between Paul and herself develops, but will their affair flourish or fail when a devastating incident occurs? Will Paul allow his disability to hold him back from his dreams? Will his father ever accept him?

Actor and Director Sean Cronin is no stranger to film, having worked alongside many of Hollywood’s greats in blockbusters like The Mummy Returns, Lock Stock, Harry Potter and The World Is Not Enough’. As well as a love for working in front of the camera, Sean fell in love with directing and has shot dozens of high-end music videos and short films. He also directed the award winning film An Unfortunate Woman (2014) and has shot several features including Throw of a Dice (2012).

Production will begin in 2015 and more cast will be announced.