Goltzius And The Pelican Company


In the winter of 1590, Hendrik Goltzius (Ramsey Nasr, also an author and the Dutch Poet Laureate from Jan 2009 – Jan 2013), the celebrated Dutch printer, painter and engraver, persuades his patron, the liberal-minded Margrave of Alsace, played by F. Murray Abraham (Scarface, Amadeus, Homeland, The Grand Budapest Hotel), to pay for a printing press which will enable him to create an extraordinary deluxe edition of the Old Testament featuring frank illustrations of such erotic tales as the story of Lot and his daughters, the adultery of David and Bathsheba, and the seduction of Joseph by Potiphar’s Wife. In order to make the deal more attractive to the Margrave and his court, Goltzius, along with the male and female members of his Pelican Printing Company, offers to stage live dramatizations of six biblical tales, each of which will demonstrate a different sexual taboo…

Certificate: 18     Distributor: axiom Films

Dir. Peter Greenaway, UK | Netherlands | France | Croatia, 2014, 128 mins, English | Dutch | French

Cast: F. Murray Abraham, Giulio Berruti, Vincent Riotta

pelican poster


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