gothicUnleashing inner desires and demons on a journey through the dark side of British culture and beyond with the next BFI blockbuster:

“BFI GOTHIC” – across the UK in 2013

Exploring: Dark Arts, the Monstrous, Love is the Devil and The Haunted


In 2013 the BFI will surprise, shock and terrify audiences with the new nationwide project Gothic. This spell-binding blockbuster season will delve into the subconscious and latent desires that dwell in us all with some of the finest in monstrous chillers, ghoulish adventures and romantic horror. Alongside a major four month BFI Southbank season, restorations from the BFI National Archive, DVD releases and a BFI book, the BFI will bring Gothic to the whole UK, including a special screening event atDerry~Londonderry, the 2013 City of Culture.

Creative Director Heather Stewart said: “Gothic is a perennial theme that seems to speak to every generation, from Horace Walpole, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley’s pioneering Gothic tales to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Twilight Saga, 50 Shades of Grey and True Blood. Gothic will demonstrate how the BFI is, once again, at the heart of the zeitgeist. Last summer the BFI made Alfred Hitchcock the name on the nation’s lips and Gothic promises to follow suit, with a uniquely filmic take on this fascinating theme that is so quintessentially British.”

Special events will take place in historic venues nationwide, during balmy summer evenings, with outdoor screenings and weekenders of chilling titles. As the nights draw in and the chill of autumn approaches, a four-month overview of films from the big and small screen will take audiences to the heart of darkness at BFI Southbank and wherever other cinemas dare to go.

Gothic, the season, will run from October through January 2014 and explore four themes: the Monstrous, Love is the Devil, Dark Arts and The Haunted. Each of these subjects will take the ever-so-British notion of Gothic and trace it from its foreboding European roots, with vampires and zombies, ghosts and ghouls, through repressed female sexuality and Pagan sacrifice, to watch it rise into a swoon-inducing modern retelling.

Restored prints from the BFI National Archive will take a classic turn in selected cinemas – striking paranoia and fear into the minds of new audiences. There will be BFI DVD releases to add to the recently released Ghost Stories for Christmas: the Definitive Collection (1968 – 2010) – the BFI’s fastest selling DVD ever; plus a new BFI book which will detail the (unlucky for some) 13 most enduring archetypes of character and place most significant to the Gothic legacy. The BFI Mediatheques will have delectably frightful presentations, free to view to all who dare, and there will be exhibitions from the BFI Special Collections and there will be themed family and education events to spread the word to those in the know and those less so.

Gothic is guaranteed to get film fans talking as they prepare to embark on an inspiring journey of the underworld as the BFI traces the infamous Count Dracula’s journey from its origin to what may scare them even more today…

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