Movie Moustaches

A Look At The Best Hairy Upper Lips In Film.

By Jack Bottomley.

Johnny Depp as MORTDECAI

Facial hair has become somewhat of a glaring statement, be it for personal satisfaction or for charity (Movember for instance). The pursuit of the moustache is one many have taken, some have owned it, and others have merely looked like a dead slug is glued above their upper lip. However, the crazy world of film has been ahead of the times once again where it pertains to this hairstyle. In the annals of cinema history, just below the nose has been a make or break area for stars and characters. There are those that can wear the tache and those that can’t. From the comedy moustaches of Will Farrell (Anchorman), Mel Brooks (Spaceballs) and Ben Stiller (Dodgeball), to the style personified by Clark Gable and Tom Selleck, the moustache onscreen has been a chance to really show off who a character is. So as Johnny Depp dons the curled moustache in his new film Mortdecai, where he portrays debonair but art dealer Charlie Mortdecai and which hits cinemas Friday, 23rdJanuary, we had a go at assembling our own list of the best facial fur in movies. So here are 10 movie characters that not only made the moustache work, they defined a style…

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