The Green Ray (Le Rayon Vert)

le rayon vert

Though largely improvised, this funny, truthful, deeply moving account of a young woman’s quest for good company – and, perhaps, a dream lover – is brilliantly executed in every respect.

Let down by a boyfriend and horrified at the idea of a summer stuck in Paris, secretary Delphine (Marie Rivière) tries to salvage her holiday by joining friends or travelling solo around France. But things never feel quite right; can no-one alleviate her sense of solitude? From this simple premise Rohmer conjures both a wondrously detailed portrait of a sensitive, slightly picky individual in need of a break and a surprisingly suspenseful slice of everyday realism laced with intriguing ideas about love, hope, chance, free will and faith. Fiction and actuality are seamlessly interwoven to create a geographical, intellectual and emotional odyssey of rare honesty and quietly miraculous humanity. A masterpiece.

Certificate: 12A (R/I)                      Drama | Romance

Dir. Eric Rohmer, France, 1986, 98 mins,  French

Cast:  Marie Rivière, Vincent Gauthier, Amira Chemakhi


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