The Grinch: first pic

Illumination – the folks behind the Despicable Me films, of course – have been showing off some of their key characters to licensors over the past week, the better to encourage the continued manufacture, distribution, sale, enjoyment and, eventually, landfill-clogging destruction of their merchandise.

And in a new piece of artwork – that you can see at the top there, and in full down at the bottom – that’s been placed as an advert in Global License, we get our first look at the studio’s CG take on The Grinch, from next year’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas do-over.

Following Boris Karloff, sort-of-Tim Curry, Jim Carrey and Seth Green, the latest actor to play (well, voice in this instance) Dr. Seuss’ immortal, Christmas-derailing hermit, will be Benedict Cumberbatch. Seems only natural. Shame that Martin Freeman isn’t playing Mary Lou Who, almost.

I hope Illumination do a good job here but there’s little chance they’ll displace Chuck Jones’ TV telling in my affections, a special that’s second only to Charlie Brown when it comes to seasonal goggleboxing in my house. Still, there’s always room for one more on top, especially if its a good one. I’m feeling decidedly un-Grinchy about this prospect.

More on the movie as we hear it. It’s due in cinemas in November 2018.

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