Guardians 2: reshoots officially underway

There are directors out there that pride themselves on never having to go back for reshoots. If you’re a fan of listening to filmmaker commentaries, you’ll probably have heard several directors explain that their process involves mapping out every shot in the most intricate detail and visualising the entire film in their mind from opening credits to closing.

But in truth, reshoots are certainly nothing to be ashamed of, and rarely something to be concerned about. Most Marvel – and indeed, most big budget – movies require reshoots at some point. Things change in the editing process, huge special effects sequences end up requiring extra lines and reaction shots, and inevitably the actors find themselves back on set for a few bits and bobs.

Occasionally, reshoots have created a stir of concern within fanbases. Rogue One is the latest of these – and we’ll not likely discover the real reason behind them until after the film’s release. Suicide Squad also allegedly required extensive reshoots to add humour into the proceedings.

The reshoots on Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 appear to be the more traditional sort, as returning actres Karen Gillan – who starred in the first film as villain Nebula – confirmed on Twitter:

It doesn’t seem as though there’s any reason to panic.

If you haven’t clapped eyes on the first Guardians Of The Galaxytrailer yet, check it out below…