Guy Pierce spoke to Vulture about Lawless, Prometheus and his upcoming appearance in Iron Man 3!

In Lawless, Guy Pearce plays one of the most memorable villains of the year, a metrosexual monster with a Hitler Youth haircut who’s on the trail of moonshiners Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy. It isn’t a thing like the other roles he’s played recently — an old man in Prometheus, an action hero in Lockout, or a lazy Lothario in Mildred Pierce — but then, one of the chief pleasures of this Aussie actor’s current career phase is how he lends his star power to so many deliciously different character parts. Pearce rang up Vulture to talk about how he does it, his predilection for camp, and just why he got cast as that old man inPrometheus to begin with.

You’re not afraid to be over-the-top in this performance, and it strikes me that Australians are awfully good at camp, whether it’s Baz LuhrmannMuriel’s Wedding, or Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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