Han Solo to get a trilogy?

An anonymous insider claims that a trilogy of Han Solo spin-off movies are in the works at Disney-Lucasfilm…

Starting this December, Disney-Lucasfilm will release the first in its A Star Wars Story spin-off movies, with Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One kicking off a string of stand-alone adventures away from the main, numbered series.

At the Star Wars Celebration Europe event a few days ago, Hail, Caesar actor Alden Ehrenreich was officially confirmed as the new, younger Han Solo, ahead of his spin-off movie’s production start in early 2017. More recently, however, there have been reports that the Han Solo movie won’t be a one-off – according to The New York Daily News’ insider, there are already plans to give the smuggler a trilogy of films.

“There is a real sense of excitement around the Han Solo movie and its potential,” the paper’s report reads. “Given that Han’s early adventures do not need to be tied to the Empire, it leaves story lines open with the opportunity to really give fans something different. They can explore new galaxies and crazy creatures and bring in a wide array of new characters. They feel that his character has the right potential to become a central figure in several movies. They’re keeping things under wraps at the moment, but the deal is that he has signed for at least three movies.”

There may well be more than a grain of truth in this, since it’s standard practice to have an actor sign up to multiple movies at the same time. The real acid test will be Edwards’ Death Star plans theft opus Rogue One, since the audience response to that film will indicate to Disney whether there really is an appetite for Star Wars spin-offs that veer off on their own tangents.

Assuming the Han Solo movie also makes a splash, then it seems inevitable that we’ll be seeing lots more of Ehrenreich as Star Wars’ scruffy-looking Nerf herder.

The untitled Han Solo film is due for release on the 25th May 2018.