Harrison Ford: ‘Don’t tell me I the crashed plane’

Harrison Ford won’t entertain the notion that he crashed his plane.

The legendary actor gave fans a fright when a plane he was flying crash landed on a golf course in March 2015, leaving him with a broken pelvis and ankle. Investigators determined the cause five months later, revealing it was a mechanical problem.

“I didn’t crash,” Harrison told Britain’s GQ magazine. “The f**king plane crashed! It was pretty simple. There was one major issue. I didn’t have to think about anything but one thing. In that way, it wasn’t as scary as you might think. It was, ‘I only have one problem right now and that is that I don’t have an engine.’ I had to find somewhere to land and I can’t make it to the airport. All this happened very fast you understand.”

Luckily it didn’t take Harrison too long to recover, as the 73-year-old has a lot on work wise this year. He featured in The Age of Adaline, but sci-fi fans are most excited for his return to the Star Wars franchise. Harrison once again appears as Han Solo in the forthcoming The Force Awakens, but admits if it had been up to him his alter ego would have kicked the bucket a long time ago.

“I was happy enough with the character but I thought there ought to be… more,” he mused. “As we did a sequel, there was the romance with Leia and the tensions with Luke that I thought was fine, and in the third one I thought let’s have Solo (killed). I thought let’s get some bottom in this, add some bass notes to this thing. To me (killing Solo) seemed like the obvious utility, to have him whacked and create some drama. That didn’t happen. And thank God no one listened to me!”

– Cover Media