Haxan, Witchcraft Through The Ages

For a  London Short Film Festival 2015 special event, Filmphonics presents Jersey based artists Semu Ca, bringing together drone rock soundscapes and a unique one-off classic of silent cinema, performing a live score to  ‘Haxan, Witchcraft Through The Ages’, as premiered at the 2014 Branchage Festival.


HAXAN: WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES (Benjamin Christensen, Sweden 1922) A unique hybrid of documentary and fiction, this silent film explores the history of witchcraft, demonology and satanism. It shows representations of evil in a variety of ancient and medieval artworks, offers vignettes illustrating a number of superstitious practices and presents a narrative about the persecution of a woman accused of witchcraft.

SEMU CA (Sicilian dialect: We Are Here) are Stefan Riccio and Dominic Pallot, both from Jersey. Having played in numerous successful Jersey based rock bands from The Wizard & the Frog to Brobots, they both found they had an appreciation for loop based music to create soundscapes. Creating layers using 2 loop stations, bass, guitar, trombone and a modified Casio VL-tone, they also use zither, mandolin, Indian drone box and anything else they can get their hands on.

FILMPHONICS is a series of live score screenings at Hackney Attic that bridge the gap between sound and moving image, curating diverse nights that include silent films brought to life by live scores, special screenings of films about music, experimental collaborations and edgy live performances.

PLUS! Following Filmphonics, stick around till 1am for club night Salt. Sweat. Sugar on the Dancefloor: 2 parts indie disco, 1 part pop bangers and whatever else in between that is likely to get your toes tapping and hips swaying.

Date: 10th January 2015
Doors: 7PM
Tickets: £10
Link: http://bit.ly/1v7UYyx
Venue: Hackney Attic, Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, E8 1HE

www.hackneyattic.com // http://filmphonics.tumblr.com

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