Hear Emma Watson sing as Belle

We’ve seen The Guest‘s Dan Stevens as the Beast, we’ve seen the CG castle staff in action and we’ve seen all the other main players in Disney’s new version of Beauty And The Beast glide into their characters during the back half of last year, but with a little over three months to go there’s been one glaring thing missing from all the promotional hubbub: the actual singing.

Now, we’ve been given a chance to hear a little snippet of how Emma Watson will sound as inventor Belle in the live action remake of the fairytale classic. Have a listen for yourself below as the actress sings on the track ‘Something There’:

Reactions so far from fans have been mixed, with most feedback landing squarely in the “not entirely unpleasant” court, however, it’s a big change in timbre from the powerhouse of Paige O’Hara’s 1991 turn as Belle in the animated original, so the more pop-flavoured tone from Watson is likely to take a little getting used to.

Along with the opportunity to hear Watson belt out a tune, we’ve also been treated to a few new TV spots for the film featuring some intitial encounters between Belle and some of the transformed castle staff (possessed with some very familiar voices) which you can also check out here:


The live action Beauty And The Beast will reach British and American cinemas on Friday the 17th of March 2017.