Heather Langenkamp

I recently sat down with the lovely Heather Langenkamp at the Rock and Shock horror convention in Worcester, MA to discuss her new documentary I Am Nancy, the lasting legacy of A Nightmare on Elm Street, working on The Cabin in the Woods, her upcoming role in the new Star Trek film and more.

We’re here at Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts. How’s your weekend going so far?

It’s been a really great convention. Yesterday was incredibly crowded and busy, and today we just started off. It’s a great group of people here.

Any fun stories to share from the convention?

I was able to show my film, I Am Nancy, at the last minute, because they had trouble with their video player upstairs. That was a thrill for me, because I was supposed to come to the convention last year, but I had a family emergency, so I couldn’t make it. Everyone has been telling me how much they were disappointed by me not being here. Just listening to the music at the concerts. I heard the Misfits and Gwar last night. This is a little bit out of my wheelhouse, that kind of music, but I actually really enjoyed it. I’ve been having a great time.

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