The Hero Of Colour City

A Still From The Hero Of Color City

Each night, when Ben falls asleep, his Crayons enter a magical Crayon Box that transports them to Colour City, a world of dazzling hues and soaring fantasy. When timid Yellow is accidentally left behind in Ben’s room, she inadvertently awakens two Unfinished Drawings. They follow Yellow to Colour City where they wreak havoc and stop the flow of the enchanted Rainbow Waterfall that provides all the colour to the Crayons. It’s up to Yellow and her fellow Crayon pals to save the day and bring back the colour!

Certificate: U       Animation | Family

Dir. Frank Gladstone, US, 2014, 77 mins

Cast (voices):  Owen Wilson, Christina Ricci, Rosie Perez, Sean Astin

The Hero Of Colour City

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