High Noon: present day remake pressing ahead

The classic western High Noon is being remade – and it’s going to be a modern thriller, set on the Mexican border…

The lean, classic High Noon packs more tension into under 90 minutes than – well, take a look at most Hollywood thrillers that can’t manage it with far more resources and time.

So, er, Hollywood is remaking it.

Relativity Studios has picked up the rights for a new take on High Noon, and the plan is to transplant the 1952 western to the present day. It’s going to be set on the border between Mexico and Texas this time, and will be produced by Karen Kramer (the widow of original producer Stanley Kramer) and Stephen S Jaffe.

It’s very early days on the project, so we don’t know yet who’s writing the screenplay or directing. Plus there’s the small matter of who’s going to step into the shoes of Gary Cooper, who won an Oscar for his role in the original.

More on the new High Noon as we hear it. If you’ve never had the pleasure, though, the original is very much worth 85 minutes of your time.



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