Holy Cow

Tapdig has a dream of bringing a European cow into his picturesque village in Azerbaijan to improve the condition of his poor family. He decides to call it Madona. His passion unsettles the traditional community, the Old Men see a threat in having a foreign cow among them as they say its milk is full of chemicals. Even his wife Vafa does not want to take care of such a strange breed. But Tapdig is ready to risk it all and challenges the conservative mentality to open up and rethink the attitude. How do human beings handle change while remaining true to their own traditions? ‘Holy Cow’ questions the prejudices against the unknown and how ready are we to accept a newcomer.


Dir. Imam Hasanov, Azerbaijan/Germany/Romania, 2015, 77 mins, subtitles

Cast (as themselves): Majid Abbasov, Khanal Huseynli

Holy Cow trailer from Stereolatex on Vimeo.

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