Hugh Jackman: I’m drawn to theatrical characters

Hugh Jackman is a “natural showman”.

The actor has taken on some pretty epic roles, including mutant Wolverine and Blackbeard in upcoming film Pan. If anyone thinks he has a penchant for fantastical characters, they’d be right.

“Oh, it’s the natural showman in me,” he smiled to Psychologies magazine. “I grew up falling in love with musical theatre and once you have that in your blood you love playing roles that have this theatrical quality. It’s a chance to let go completely and step into these fantastic characters who transport you and the audience into a different reality. I love the sense of spectacle and wonder of all that.”

Hugh was one of five children, so it would stand to reason that a bit of sibling rivalry came into play. However, it hasn’t affected the way he works as an actor, with the star insisting he’s not competitive.

“Not as an actor,” he explained. “I look on acting and filmmaking as a very collaborative process and I don’t look at films strictly from my character’s viewpoint. I’ve never wanted to be the biggest star on earth. I love acting and I’m interested in the work and the kind of stories I’m able to bring to audiences.”

The next film he’ll be presenting to audiences is the mystical Pan, which also stars Cara Delevingne as a mermaid. It’s a prequel to Peter Pan and Hugh is very excited.

“It’s a very smart film with lots of heart,” he gushed.

Pan hits cinemas worldwide from October.

– Cover Media