Hugh Jackman: My stage show is an ego trip

Hugh Jackman says his one-man show feels like a “golfing trip with buddies”, but admits it is “very egocentric”.

The actor has been taking tap dancing classes and working on his vocal skills ahead of his tour around Australia in November (15), in which he will sing, dance and shares stories about his career. Extra dates have been added to cope with demand from loyal fans and while Hugh realises the concept may be a little self-indulgent, he can’t wait to get on stage.

“I love it,” he said in an interview with Britain’s The Guardian newspaper. “I sat watching Sting, who’s a friend, with a symphony orchestra, and my agent was next to me and he said, ‘You’re just itching to get up there. You should do this.’ To me it’s like going on a four-day golfing trip with my buddies.

“I mean, it’s very egocentric: it’s all the things that I enjoy and I’m good at. I’m fully aware it’s a very selfish show, but I have a blast doing it.”

Hugh has enjoyed considerable success as a theatre actor, winning a host of awards in the process. The 47-year-old loves treading the boards so much, he would be happy to spend the rest of his career doing just that.

“I feel very, very free on stage and I really like connecting in that way,” he explained. “And I don’t think enough people have seen me do it compared to what they’ve seen me do as an actor. But if you told me today that for the rest of my life I couldn’t do any more acting and I’d just do that, I’d probably be pretty happy, actually.”

Big screen roles show no signs of drying up for Hugh though. He plays villainous pirate Blackbeard in Pan and will soon reprise the role of Wolverine for another film. While Hugh was excited when he first landed the superhero role, people around him weren’t sure it was a good career move.

“I remember people saying to me, ‘You’ve got to book another film before this thing comes out, because the word on the street is not great. These films are dead – no one understands what it is,’” Hugh recalls. “Then when it came out, I was getting phone calls at 7am on the Saturday morning from drunk studio execs saying it was doing double what they had expected.”

Hugh will begin filming his third Wolverine solo film in early 2016 and this will be his last outing as the clawed mutant. When asked if he thinks the industry has reached its superhero peak, he admits his gut feeling is “yes”.

Hugh has no idea what the future holds for Wolverine and isn’t sure if the character will be killed off after the next instalment.

“I honestly don’t know,” he said. “We haven’t finished the script actually. The last email I had, it was up to page 60. So he doesn’t die before page 60!”

– Cover Media