The Hunger Games: Mockingjay


Producers behind The Hunger Games: Mockingjay found their Annie Cresta … which means Finnick Odair has found his love interest and eventual soul mate.

Lionsgate, according to a release, revealed that Australian actress Stef Dawson has been selected to play Cresta in the two-part Mockingjay adaptation, which will be directed by Francis Lawrence. Cresta is the District 4 victor from the 70th Hunger Games. It is mentioned that, at some point prior to the Cornucopia battle, Annie watched her Hunger Games partner be beheaded. The result is that she’s more than a little insane. She has a tenency to cover her ears and close her eyes and inopportune moments. She laughs hysterically when nothing funny has happened. She managed to survive the 70th Hunger Games because – SPOILERS, if you still haven’t read Suzanne Collins’ novels – she’s an outstanding swimmer from a fishing village, and she swam through a tsunami caused by the Gamemakers … a flood that claimed most of the other tributes in her competition.

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