Idris Elba: This is my legacy

Actor Idris Elba is thinking about the legacy he’ll leave behind and hopes people will remember him for his varied career and the challenges he took on.

The British star is loved for his parts in TV shows The Wire and Luther but has also impressed on the big screen as Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom and soon as the voice of panther Shere Khan in the live-action remake of Disney classic The Jungle Book.

“It hasn’t quite set in yet. It’s monumental and I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait to show people,” he gushed to Good Morning Britain when asked about The Jungle Book. “If my legacy was anything, it’s that I’ve had a varied career and I’ve challenged myself and challenged my audience to come with me. So if anything, that’s what I’d like my legacy to be. Moving forward, I’d like anything that pushes and challenges me further.”

Now Idris can also add a Netflix Original film to the list: Beasts of No Nation. Shot in Ghana, it tells the horrific story of child soldiers forced to fight a brutal war. Despite the heavy subject matter and his evil alter-ego Commandant, Idris was drawn in.

“On the page he’s a despicable character, but there were qualities about him,” he mused. “So my character, you get drips and drabs of him, and when you first meet him you’re like: ‘Eugh!’ But you can see how (young boy) Agu (played by Abraham Attah) is taken by him immediately.

“I can’t watch a movie where a kid is being hurt, it brings me to tears, so it was tough in places.”

Netflix subscribers can watch Beasts of No Nation now and it also hits cinemas in October (15).

– Cover Media