In the mood for love

Enjoy films, chocolate and prosecco at Curzon this Valentine’s Day

Hang out with Jules et Jim, take a Roman Holiday or enjoy a trip to Casablanca. Or perhaps all you want to do is catch up on The Big Sleep with Bogie and Bacall. We also screen a story of love tested to its limits with Michael Haneke’s Amour.Or if the thought of Valentine’s Day makes your blood run cold, why not watch Hitchcock, the film which tells the story behind the making of the gruesome Psycho? As Hitch once said, “Film your murders like love scenes, and film your love scenes like murders”.

Fine chocolate from Paul E Young, delicious Prosecco and a selection of classic and contemporary films await you at Curzon Cinemas this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a night at the cinema with Curzon
Roman Holiday6.25pm at Curzon Mayfair
6.20pm at hmvcurzon Wimbledon
Casablanca6.20pm at Curzon Richmond
9.00pm at hmvcurzon Wimbledon

The Big Sleep9.00pm at Curzon Soho

Jules et Jim8.45pm at Renoir Cinema

Amour6.15pm at Curzon Soho
3.00pm at Renoir Cinema
6.30pm at hmvcurzon Wimbledon
HitchcockShowing at Curzon Mayfair,
Curzon Chelsea and hmvcurzon Wimbledon
If you plan to stay in this Valentine’s Day, why not enjoy a selection of films exploring love on Curzon on Demand? Whether it’s Tilda Swinton’s stunning performance in I Am Love, Eric Rohmer’s classic My Night with Maud with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Wim Wenders’ epic Wings of Desire or the touching drama Weekend, these depictions of love and romance are far from predictable.
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