An Inconvenient Truth 2 confirmed

When Al Gore was defeated by George W Bush in the 2000 American Presidential election (despite winning more votes than Bush, if memory serves), he licked his wounds and took his climate change presentation on the road.

Davis Guggenheim in time approached Gore and followed him as he took his lecture around America, and the pair of them shaped the film that became An Inconvenient Truth. It would go on to win an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, and is held up too as one of the most important documentaries of recent times.

In the last day or two, it’s been revealed that a follow-up film has now been put together, and that An Inconvenient Truth 2 is not just happening, it’s finished. The movie is set to open the Sundance Film Festival next month.

That’s all we know about the movie for now, more as we hear it.

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