Indiana Jones 5: film will follow on from Crystal Skull

The next Indiana Jones adventure will be a “continuation” of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Specific details about the now-confirmed Indiana Jones 5 are in short supply still, as you might expect. We know that Harrison Ford is returning, we know that Steven Spielberg is directing again, and it’s unclear if George Lucas will have any involvement at all. Oh, and David Koepp is penning the screenplay.

Producer Frank Marshall has thrown in one or two more bits of information, though. He’s told Variety that Indiana Jones 5 will definitely not see the title role recast, as had been rumoured, and that Indy will be Harrison Ford.

He also confirmed that the new film will be a “continuation” of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

That said, it sounds like a well chosen word. Continuation doesn’t mean sequel, and it’s quite likely he just means it’ll follow the events of that film, rather than us having to meet Mutt again. We can but hope.

Indiana Jones 5 is set for release in July 2019. Expect no shortage of speculation between then and now…

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