ShowFilmFirst specialise in quickly assembling engaged target audiences for films, events and venues. We offer our members access to all kinds of exciting experiences, from classical concerts to comedy shows, and gather valuable feedback from them afterwards. This feedback helps promotors and filmmakers to make their film or event even better.

Established in 2003, we now have a diverse and well-developed membership of over 1 million people across the UK, US and Australia, meaning we’re able to target specific audiences to reach the right crowd. So everyone gets a great deal; our members get to experience and shape events that are tailored to their tastes, and filmmakers and event organisers get to hear from the kind of people who matter.

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From 2018, ShowFilmFirst membership is invite only, but don’t worry; anyone can apply and applications are considered based on geographical area, demographic info and genre preferences.

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Research Screenings

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