ShowFilmFirst specialise in quickly assembling engaged target audiences for venues, films and events. We offer our members access to all kinds of exciting experiences, from classical concerts to comedy shows, and gather valuable feedback from them afterwards.

Established in 2003, with a diverse and well-developed membership of over 1 million people across the UK, US and Australia, were able to target specific audiences to reach the right crowd. So everyone gets a great deal; filmmakers and event organisers seeking feedback get to hear from the kind of people who matter, and our members get to experience and shape events that are tailored to their tastes.

What do SFF offer to members?

Best Price Theatre tickets via Encore

In partnership with Encore we have access to the best price tickets to most of the West End Shows and Events. This is on the front page of our site. All offers can be found here or you can call them on +44 (0) 207 492 1606

Theatre Club

With Encore we have built a theatre club where our members get exclusive rates to shows through our group booking. These are sent by email, to our members.

Film Previews

We often have tickets to film previews for our members and our ticketing systems are used by brands and media for their film previews. Sometimes our film tickets are for a certain demographic, but always we appreciate getting your feedback, and these offers are made via email.

Film Events

Our renowned membership are frequently invited to specialist film events, Q&As and festivals. These offers are sent out via email and/or our Instagram page:

Audience Development - Varied Entertainment Offers

Well known for our members being discreet, engaged and keen to experience all kinds of entertainment we are delighted to get tickets to a wonderfully diverse mixture of events including: Shows, concerts, musicals, magic, modern dance, ballet, pop concerts, Festivals, Gigs, poetry and other performing arts.

These events are By Invitation Only and invites will be sent by email and non transferable.

This exciting variety of entertainment is offered for many reasons - producers wanting feedback, group bookings being cancelled, showcasing venues or new shows, generating word of mouth, testing comedy or new acts, launches or low sales for a particular performance.

Club Nights and Gigs

An area we are developing is Club Nights and Gigs - for those wanting to experience the latest live acts and to showcase new venues, follow us

Research Screenings

This is where we show you a film, and ask you to fill in a questionnaire with your thoughts on the film after the event. If you would like to be kept informed of these (once you have signed up, its members only) please leave your details here:

Zero Tolerance Policy

Over the last decade SFF has built up a loyal, dedicated and enthusiastic membership. There are very occasionally people that do not adhere to our simple Terms and Conditions, such as discretion, not posting on social media, respecting box office staff and pick up times. We have a zero tolerance policy and any members not conforming will have membership revoked without discussion.

Interested in Joining Showfilmfirst?

From 2018, ShowFilmFirst membership is invite only, but dont worry; anyone can apply and applications are considered based on geographical area, demographic info and genre preferences.

To apply for ShowFilmFirst membership, please click here.

Venues and Promoters

To find out more about how we can create a positive buzz around your events, please contact:

Research Screenings

For more information on our research Screenings service please contact us at