Insidious 4 starts filming

Insidious: Chapter 4 arrives in cinemas in October 2017. And the cast has now been rounded out…

Here’s a franchise that shows no sign of slowing down. Horror series Insidious is now up to its fourth chapter, and production has begun on the new movie. This time around, Adam Robitel is directing, having previously steered low budget horror thriller The Taking in 2014.

Leigh Whannell is penning the screenplay again for Insidious: Chapter 4, and the cast this time includes Kirk Acevedo, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke and Caitlin Gerard. It’s unclear at this stage who that quartet will be playing in the new movie. Lin Shaye is returning to play Elise Rainier.

Insidious: Chapter 4 is currently slated to open on October 20th 2017 in the US, and we’d imagine the release date in the UK will be around the same.


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