Iron Sky

Iron_Sky_03-300x180Finnish-German-Australian scifi-comedy Iron Sky grabbed the “Australian Oscar”, AACTA award, for Best Visual Effects category in a ceremony held January 28th in Sydney. Loaded with over 800 visual effect shots, Iron Sky was a huge undertaking for a small Finland-based company Energia Production.

The film, which tells a story about Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon, premiered at Berlin International Film Festival in 2012, followed by a theatrical release in over 60 countries.

The VFX budget of Iron Sky was under 1 million dollars, and the team consisted of only 20 artists working from Tampere, Finland.

“We did the visual effects for Iron Sky in a little under one year with a small but highly specialized team from Finland and abroad”, says

Samuli Torssonen, the VFX producer of Iron Sky. “The production was extremely demanding – we had never done anything that big – and the work was finished only two days before the premiere.”

“We wanted to do a film that would look like a big budget Hollywood movie, and succeeded, although we only had a fraction of the budget”, adds producer Tero Kaukomaa.

The main guys behind Iron Sky visual effects team formed a new company, Troll VFX, with aim to produce visual effects for international films and TV series. Working together in tight conjunction with Blind Spot Pictures (the production company of Iron Sky), the team is now forcing their way to Hollywood with a new science fiction action film Jeremiah Harm. An Extended Edition of Iron Sky is coming out this year, featuring 20 more minutes of material, and the team is now sharpening their pens, preparing to write the sequel for Iron Sky. Blind Spot Pictures is also coming out with a new film from Aku Louhimies, crime drama called 8-ball.

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