Jake Gyllenhaal: I’m Maggie’s biggest fan

Jake Gyllenhaal loves to show off with his older sister Maggie.

The two stars come from a talented family, with Jake recently impressing in films Southpaw and Nightcrawler and both siblings having an Oscar nomination under their belts.

But there’s no room for jealousy and Jake, 34, insists he’s nothing but proud of 37-year-old Maggie.

“No!” he laughed to German magazine TV Movie when asked if there’s any competition. “I admire her and show off with her. I’m her biggest fan.”

Maggie’s surely just as proud of her brother, who put huge amounts of work into his latest film, Southpaw. The actor portrays a boxing champ and spent a lot of time in the ring, bulking up and learning the moves.

While he might look brave, it wasn’t the case in real life.

“Fear!” he admitted when asked what motivated him to train. “There was no double for me. Every knock I got in the film is real and hurt like crazy. Especially the training was hell. I was scared of looking like a helpless idiot – that spurred me on.”

Jake also made sure he ate very healthily, which helped his muscly physique along.

While he had no idea about boxing before making Southpaw, he does have something in common with his character, Billy: rage.

“I can get very angry,” he admitted. “On the one hand, such a strong feeling can be a positive thing but on the other, it can destroy things. I’ve definitely ruined relationships that way. But over time I’ve learned to question my anger.”

– Cover Media

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