James Gunn on Guardians

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is out next month, which is great news for fans of the first film.

Ahead of the release, the film’s director, James Gunn, has been chatting to The Daily Beast about getting back into the space saddle. He explains that he started writing the script all the way back in August of 2014, so the last two-and-a-half years has seen him fully immersed in the project, save for a brief escape to pen a script for the lower-budget horror outing The Belko Experiment.

It turns out that Gunn was a lot more worried before the first film came out than he is now.

The first movie was daunting,” Gunn admits. “I didn’t know if anyone was going to go see the first movie. I would wake up in a cold sweat at 3 a.m. wondering if I was making Pluto Nash 2. So I was definitely daunted by the first task. It was still a fun movie to make, and I was really confident. But there were those moments of panic, where it’s like, ‘Am I going to make the biggest Marvel bomb ever? The only Marvel bomb?’ I’m a born entertainer, it’s in my bones, and so now knowing that I’m playing for an audience with Vol. 2, and that somebody’s waiting there when the curtains open, makes a big difference.”

But if you’re wondering whether Marvel got more involved with the project this time around, the answer isn’t just a ‘no’, it’s a whole lot of ‘no’.

There is not a single thing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which was ever dictated by the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are things that I did in the movie that they’re going to have to deal with, now, in Infinity War. But it was pretty much understood that the Guardians are my guys, so they’d have to deal with whatever came from that. So there was nothing. It’s a 100 percent self-enclosed story about the Guardians of the Galaxy, very much like Doctor Strange was.

“Never has [Feige] told me that anything has to be in my film. I mean, I know what their plans are. But there’s just nothing I do to service that within Vol. 2’s story; all that’s important is Vol. 2. Everything about Vol. 2 is what’s important. He’s never told me anything hasn’t fit in on the second movie. On the first movie, there were some more technical weird things that we had to deal with, and I was a bit more bashful about getting my way. But now, it’s not part of the conversation.”

And Gunn goes on to say something we’ve long suspected: that (after Al Pacino) he believes new Guardians face Kurt Russell is just the coolest guy ever. “Kurt’s become a good friend, and he’s just a fun guy. The best thing about him is that he laughs his ass off constantly, which is something that, with him and me and Chris Pratt, would delay filming quite a bit.”

The brand new trailer for Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol 2 also premiered recently. Take a look, and see what you think…

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 reaches UK screens on 28th April 2017.