James McAvoy: ‘Action’s the easy bit’

Actor James McAvoy always likes having action scenes in his movies as he can happily get drunk the night before shooting them.

The Scottish star filmed many adrenaline fuelled sequences for his latest release Victor Frankenstein, in which he plays the title character while Daniel Radcliffe takes the role of the famous hunchback Igor. Some stars don’t relish the idea of being thrown about on set, but James actively looks forward to it.

“Action’s the bit where you go, ‘Aaah great, I can go on the p**s the night before,’” he laughed to Britain’s Heat magazine. “As long as you jump from here to there and don’t fall down in between, it’s dead simple.”

That said, things don’t always go according to plan, with James revealing he had a bad injury on a recent set.

“I was OK on this film, but I managed to punch the camera on my last job,” he explained. “I was f**king dying, mate! My whole hand swelled up and it looked like I was wearing a boxing glove.”

James’ character throws most of the punches in Victor Frankenstein, with Daniel’s monster alter ego on the receiving end. But after having developed something of a talent for taking beatings on camera, James was happy with his role.

“Undoubtedly, I’d be the fall guy in the clown routine,” he laughed, when asked what his routine would be if he had to join the circus as Igor does. “I’m really good at falling over and taking hits and, perversely, I enjoy it. I’m making it sound like I’m into bondage and S&M, ‘Ooh I love being hit!’”

The stars hope the movie goes down well with fans, although they both wonder if it will open them up to more unusual encounters. Since appearing in Irvine Welsh adaptation Filth, James has found he’s been getting offers of sex a lot more, while Harry Potter fans like to share their innermost secrets with Daniel.

– Cover Media