Jamie Campbell Bower: ‘Depp and McKellen are equally influential’

Actor Jamie Campbell Bower can’t decide who is the most influential of his former co-stars, Johnny Depp and Ian McKellen.

The British actor has made a name for himself in showbiz thanks to his modelling and acting careers. Over the last eight years he’s worked with some of the industry’s biggest names and franchises, including a Harry Potter flick and three Twilight movies. When asked by Fault magazine who most stuck with him out of his Sweeney Todd co-star Johnny and Ian, who he worked with on TV series The Prisoner, Jamie simply couldn’t pick.

“Johnny was really lovely to me, he could tell that I was nervous; he could tell that I was a bit rash and quite young,” he remembered to Fault magazine. “And with Ian I spent about five months. I tend to go a bit stir crazy when I’m on set just because it’s quite a weird experience, and Ian was always there, he was around when things would get a bit hectic.

“But yeah, I loved them both. I think of myself as quite a personable person. I like to talk; maybe I p**s people off sometimes. But I like to find out about people’s lives and try to do the best that I can.”

Ian is one of the most well-respected actors working today, and at 76 his schedule is as busy as ever. Jamie, 27, sees a lot of himself in Ian, and has been heavily influenced by the acting great.

“I think we come from the same genes, we’re pretty similar and he’s a phenomenal actor,” he praised. “I’ve always been the kind of person who’s a bit of a magpie. I’ve always taken little bits of other people’s performances or other people’s writing and tried to make them my own. Art is imitation at the end of the day.”

– Cover Media