Jane Fonda: Older people have sex too!

Jane Fonda has accepted that sex needs to be “planned” at her age.

The 77-year-old actress is taking on the topic of ageing in new drama Youth, about two old friends, one retired and one still working.

It’s caused Jane to consider her own situation, which she admits is a little more complex these days.

“At my age, even sex has to be planned!” she laughed to Germany’s Meins magazine. “Men have to take certain pills at the right time – otherwise it’s not going to work!”

Hollywood has long been an industry considered obsessed with youth. It’s something the actress is keen to change.

“In a few years, a large number of the population will be made up of older women,” she reasoned. “We want to define this age in a new way and use film and TV to tell their stories.”

Part of this movement is surely her Netflix show Grace & Frankie, about two women struggling to come to terms with the fact their husbands have come out as gay and started a relationship with each other. It focuses on the lives of older couples, something often neglected in favour of the dramas of youth.

“Just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you no longer have a sense of sexuality,” Jane said. “I’d love to break through this taboo.”

Jane has even written book Prime Time: Love, health, sex, fitness, friendship, spirit – making the most of all of your life, in which she dedicated a whole chapter to sex.

Fans can see her in Youth from 29 October (15) onwards, with Michael Caine and Rachel Weisz also starring.

– Cover Media

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