Jason Clarke: I’m no suffering actor

Everest star Jason Clarke was prepared to retrain if he didn’t make it in Hollywood, as he has no interest in being a frustrated actor.

The Australian star has appeared in many well-known movies, including Zero Dark Thirty, Public Enemies and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. At one point he wasn’t sure his career choice was going to work out though, as after moving from a small town to Sydney he struggled to make a go of things fresh out of acting school.

“If it wasn’t going to happen, I would have gone and done something else,” he told Beyond the Ordinary magazine. “I don’t think there’s any point sitting around and being a suffering or frustrated actor.”

Just when it was looking bleak, he won a role in a TV show in his native country, which gave him the courage he needed to move to America. But once there he again found it hard to get parts, so instead he focused on travelling around the country.

“I felt like I was doing something. If it didn’t work, well, at least I’d get to see America. Desire needs opportunity to have a go,” he explained. “And there’s that period when you keep putting your foot in the door and it just keeps getting crushed. Then, finally, you poke your head in, you do your thing and someone says, ‘C’mon in.’”

After being cast in TV show Brotherhood, movie roles followed and Jason hasn’t looked back.

His latest part is as Rob Hall in Everest, a movie about a team of climbers who got stuck up the mountain when a vicious storm struck in 1996. It’s based on true events, which saw several people die.

Jason gave everything to the role, which is something he believes is vital when acting.

“You learn it in drama school, but you also learn it when travelling, especially backpacking. You’ve got to throw yourself into it,” he said. “I backpacked a lot. Going around China, if you don’t understand where you’re going to change your money, what are you going to do? You’ve got to find where it is. As an actor, that’s your job.”

– Cover Media