Jeff Goldblum appreciates fatherhood at an older age

Jeff Goldblum doesn’t think he’d enjoy having a son as much if he was younger.

The 63-year-old actor became a father for the first time when his wife Emilie Livingston gave birth to their little boy Charlie Ocean last July (15). It’s given Jeff a new lease of life and the star loves every minute of parenthood, more so than if it had happened to him earlier on.

“I find that having a kid makes you feel younger,” he told “Whereas otherwise you might be sitting around at any given moment, now you’re not. You gotta get up and walk him around.

“His name is Charlie Ocean Goldblum, and he was almost 20 pounds at five months, healthy as a horse. I do chest presses with him. I hold him by the rib cage so he’s kind of horizontal, and he goes up and down and up and down. He likes that. He drools on me and laughs, and that’s a thrill.

“Charlie’s my first kid. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed him as much if I’d had him younger. I feel like I’m right on schedule.”

Jeff then proceeded to give his tot advice on ageing gracefully, which Charlie Ocean can take on board when he’s old enough. Recommendations included not smoking as it will take a toll in the long run and that he should follow his interests, making the most of the time he has.

The Jurassic Park star follows this mantra himself and aims to be adventurous, even more so now than ever before.

“Put me in front of a raging bull and I’ll c**p my pants like anybody, but in general I’m excited by the fleeting nature of what we are,” he enthused. “There’s something romantic and poetic and certainly educational in it. The flower goes up and it goes down. The apple gets ripe and then it withers, and that’s what we’re all meant to do. It can only clarify, deepen, and enhance our moments on earth – and help us understand what the hell we’re doing here and how we can best live.”

– Cover Media

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