Jesse Eisenberg: Each role tests me

Jesse Eisenberg feels pressure to be perfect in Woody Allen’s movie.

The 31-year-old star is currently busy filming the director’s upcoming untitled movie, also starring the likes of Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Corey Stoll and Steve Carell. Having taken on an array of film genres over the last few years Jesse has faced different tests on each one.

“They’re all kind of difficult for various reasons. For instance, I’m doing this Woody Allen movie right now. He has such a distinct shooting style with very long takes. That presents its own challenges because everything has to be perfect for it to work,” he explained to The Aquarian. “Whereas, a movie where I might be playing a very unusual character, something that wasn’t necessarily working on set could be sort of stitched together later via a lot of quick edits. So, every project has its own difficulties, depending on the intersection of the character and the way it’s made.”

Ahead of the feature’s release next year Jesse has several other big projects to promote, including his latest flick American Ultra. Also featuring his good friend Kristen, who he originally starred opposite in Adventureland, the actor plays stoner CIA agent Mike Howell who becomes the target of assassination.

When choosing parts Jesse makes sure the character can exist outside of the movie context, as well as ensuring he can bring something to the role.

“In the case of American Ultra, I felt that each of those elements were very strong. Mike was a real person who could exist anywhere, and he had a great back story which was illustrated in the movie via his drawings and the characters he created. And I felt that I could bring an aloof and relaxed side part of myself to it that I don’t usually get to access that much,” he added.

– Cover Media