Jesse Eisenberg put pacifist tendencies aside for American Ultra

Actor Jesse Eisenberg may be a pacifist, but he still enjoyed beating people up on American Ultra.

The star worked alongside Kristen Stewart on the kickass movie about a stoner who finds out he’s also a government agent. While he wouldn’t hurt a fly in real life, it was fun exploring a whole new character on set.

“I’m a pacifist,” he laughed to Germany’s TV Direkt magazine. “But to be honest, I did have a great time while filming. Of course I made sure I never actually hurt any of the stunt guys!”

Jesse trained for months to get the right physique for American Ultra and worked with a special trainer, who taught him all about different types of combat. One person the peacekeeper bonded with particularly was Kristen. They are both known for being introverts and have gushed about what a good time they had together.

“We had a lot of fun and are on the same wavelength,” he smiled.

Jesse has worked on countless different projects, including the upcoming, untitled Woody Allen feature. He can’t say one is harder than the other and just enjoys exploring this wide variety of roles.

“They’re all kind of difficult for various reasons,” he explained to The Aquarian. “For instance, I’m doing this Woody Allen movie right now. He has such a distinct shooting style with very long takes. That presents its own challenges because everything has to be perfect for it to work. Whereas, a movie where I might be playing a very unusual character, something that wasn’t necessarily working on set could be sort of stitched together later via a lot of quick edits. So, every project has its own difficulties, depending on the intersection of the character and the way it’s made.”

– Cover Media