Jessica Chastain: Crimson Peak was party free

Actress Jessica Chastain and her co-star Tom Hiddleston didn’t party on the set of Crimson Peak, as they were too worn out.

The two are joined in the spooky flick by Mia Wasikowska and Charlie Hunnam. Despite the A-list line-up, the cast were all on their best behaviour throughout filming.

“It wasn’t a lot of on-set shenanigans or partying, because it was really exhausting and difficult,” Jessica recalled to America’s Star magazine.

The gloomy shoot nearly put a dampener on Jessica’s birthday too, but the redheaded actress made sure that wasn’t the case. She turned 38 in March (15), and was surrounded by those she loved.

“I’m not someone who has birthday parties, but I was just so sad from playing this woman that I had about 12 people all over the United States fly to Toronto for the weekend for my birthday,” she smiled. “It was amazing and really special, and they completely brought sunshine with them.”

Crimson Peak is the brainchild of acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro and tells the story of aspiring author Edith (Wasikowska) who finds herself living in a house full of scary secrets. The dark nature of the film meant the cast didn’t exactly enjoy making the movie.

“It wasn’t fun,” Jessica exclaimed. “I really underestimated the toll that this character was going to take on me. When I finished, I was supposed to do another film, but I had to take time off – I was so depleted.”

Jessica plays Lady Lucille Sharpe, whose brother Thomas (Hiddleston) is married to Edith. The role was a step away from Jessica’s usual strong female parts, but the actress was eager to delve into a new mindset.

“She’s definitely the darkest character I’ve ever played,” Jessica nodded. “I wanted to play her because I wanted to understand why she does the things she does, and it actually kinda broke my heart, because I found that every act she commits in this movie is to try give and to receive love.”

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