JLaw’s new movie ‘is struggling’

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie is facing “various creative differences and disagreements”, according to reports.

The Oscar winner will star alongside Chris Pratt in Passengers, which is being produced by Sony Pictures. But despite having two of the biggest names in Hollywood on board, the movie is reportedly struggling with money issues behind the scenes.

“Production has been grappling with budget problems because of the pricey space suit costumes which cost $20,000 to create and design,” a source told The New York Daily News’ Confidenti@l column. “There has also been various creative differences and disagreements with one of the producers, and glaring similarities to the movie Titanic which the studio is worried makes Passengers feel more like a parody than a good love story set in an abandoned space milieu.”

As well as costume costs, another problem seems to be agreeing on the script and dialogue. The outlet added there were rumours that in one scene 25-year-old Jennifer tells Chris’ character: “If you die, I die.” The exchange has reportedly been causing stifled laughter throughout the set during filming.

“It’s been a lot of headaches and problems,” the source continued. “A documentary about the making of this movie would be better than this actual movie. The whole thing is chaotic.”

The insider added that Sony was being really “frugal” with the film, despite the fact that both Jennifer and Chris are getting huge pay cheques.

While the 36-year-old Jurassic World actor is said to be getting $12 million, Jennifer is reportedly raking in $20 million plus 30 per cent of the box office takings after the movie breaks even.

– Cover Media

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