Joanna Lumley: ‘Absolutely Fabulous smooch is staying secret’

Joanna Lumley refuses to name the “rather dishy” star she locks lips with in the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous movie.

The 69-year-old star reprises her role as hard drinking Patsy Stone in the film, which is based on the British TV series. Jennifer Saunders is also back as fashion victim Edina Monsoon, and it’s known that Patsy enjoys a kiss with a mystery man. Joanna won’t be drawn on who it is, but she has ruled a couple of A-listers out.

“Last year I was on a (TV) Christmas special with George Clooney but there are no plans for a reunion with George and he hasn’t got a cameo sadly,” she told Britain’s Closer magazine. “But we have got someone else who is rather dishy and who I managed to kiss… and no, it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio.”

(The star famously smooched Leonardo in The Wolf of Wall Street.)

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie follows Edina and Patsy as they flee to the French Riviera after they are blamed for a big incident at a fashionable party. Much of the flick was shot on a lavish boat, which was a dream for Joanna.

“It was awesome and of course me and Jennifer were swigging champagne on the back of the yacht,” she laughed. “It was so great to all be back together again – we had an absolute scream. The film is not due out until next summer now, but it will be worth the wait.”

The star also touched on her enviable looks, which haven’t faded as she’s got older. She keeps young thanks to her family, and also has a refreshingly normal take on the ageing process, given the industry she’s in.

“Darling, the secret is lashings of make-up and plenty of hair dye. And having two grandchildren keeps me young,” she said.

“I love the idea of growing older and wiser and not having to give so much of a damn about your appearance. That’s why I’d never alter the way I look. I know women my age have surgery, but I’d never want huge jutting bosoms when I was 80. I mean, why does a grandmother want that?”

– Cover Media