Julie Delpy: Crudeness doesn’t bother me

Julie Delpy thinks “crudeness” from a female director always shocks people.

The actress, who is best known for starring in Richard Linklater’s romantic Before series, has stepped behind the camera for Lolo, a comedy she wrote, directed and stars in.

It focuses on a workaholic, her love life and her complex relationship with her son. There are plenty of giggles thanks to her outrageous, often sexual, chats with friends, but Julie knows it won’t go down well with everyone.

“I think some people accept less in terms of crudeness coming from a woman. It’s like, ‘Yes, you can make movies, but this is what you need to do. This is how far you can go.’ But I wanted this character to be crude, and funny, and disrespectful, and I don’t give a sh*t if it makes for easy jokes,” she explained to blogs.indiewire.com.

“I know people like that. I am a bit like that – I’m the worst. I make crude jokes all the time. If people heard my conversations with my father, they’d be horrified. Life is short and I don’t know, I’ve reached a level where I don’t even care if people get upset at it.”

But it’s not all about sex and laughter – Julie zones in on the difficulties working mothers face. It’s a thing she’s only too familiar with as a mum to six-year-old Leo with her ex Marc Streitenfeld.

“It’s a weird thing, because I love being a mother, yet I made a film that’s… I mean, the character of Ariane [played by Karin Viard] says, ‘What a pain in the ass to be a Mom,'” she reflected. “Because the truth is sometimes it is really hard to be a mother. For example, I work and I’m completely constantly filled with guilt. If I was a man, a father, I would not be filled with guilt. Just that makes me angry at being a woman at times, because I have so much guilt in working. I’ve never met a man that had that kind of guilt.

“And I don’t want to give up my life as a working woman because first of all, I’ve got to pay the bills, no one pays them for me. But also I don’t think it’s good to give an example, to especially a little boy, that a woman is giving up everything to raise a child. I keep on working also because I think it’s a good example to give to the next generation of kids about equality.”

Lolo hits cinemas from next month.

– Cover Media

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