Jurassic World

Update: Universal Leak First Full Trailer Early.

By Sarah Jayne Alexander.


After a teaser trailer for Jurassic World was released just 48 hours ago (and the internet went into full meltdown) Universal have gone and released a full 2minute 41 second trailer a week early and it is AMAZING. Watch it here:

As we previously reported, the film’s storyline starts with revealing that Jurassic Park is now a real life, fully functioning place which has realised Hammond’s dream of a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, almost 22years after the disaster on Isla Nublar. Although mind blowing in every way, as with every theme park, things tend to fall victim to becoming monotonous and with falling visitor numbers, the scientist in charge have taken genetics and evolution into their own hands and created a new hybrid attraction-with no manual or plan of action on what to expect from the 40ft creature. There should always be a manual.

There is no reveal of what this new hybrid Dino looks like (which we love) and we’re pretty certain Jessica Chastain’s character Claire is not going to be up for a promotion when word gets out that once again the visitors of Jurassic Park are on the menu.

Will Chris Pratt prevail in restoring the mighty balance of nature? We’re excited to find out!

What are your thoughts on the newly released footage? Let us know!

Jurassic World in 3D hits cinemas from June 12th 2015


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