Justice League: Now One Movie?

It seems that, right now, the plan for a two-part Justice League film has been changed…

It seems over the past week or so, Justice League set visits have been taking place here in the UK, and amongst those who popped along were the fine folks from Empire. Whilst there, they seem to have dug up an interesting piece of info.

It’s been the plan for some time for a pair of Justice League films, with Justice League – Part One set for release in November 2017, and the second part of the film arriving in June 2019. More recently, new DC cinematic universe co-chief has started that the name of the currently-filming movie is simply Justice League.

Whilst on set, Empire reports that producer Deborah Snyder told the outlet that “we were only ever planning, and we are only doing, Justice League“. When then asked if there was a part two, she replied “no”.

Zack Snyder was seemingly cagier, saying “we still have a release date” when asked about the second film.