Kanchana 2


The third movie in the hit Tamil Muni comedy-horror series promises more laughs and scares. Since starting in 2007, comedy-horror franchise Muni has proved a hit with Tamil audiences. Noted Indian choreographer Raghava Lawrence brought the first two shiver-inducing yet humorous films to the screen, both of which centred around the chilling notion of ghostly possession, and he now returns to direct the third, Kanchana 2. The director also reprises his lead role as Raghaava, and is this time joined by a cast including Taapsee Pannu, an Indian actress who won acclaim for her role in Arrambam, and veteran performer Kovai Sarala. (source: Cineworld)

Bollywood | Comedy | Horror | Romance | World

Dir. Lawrence Raghavendra, India, 2015

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Taapsee Pannu, Kovai Sarala

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