Kate Winslet: I’m a total technophobe

Kate Winslet isn’t convinced she should have been cast in Steve Jobs, as she breaks every gadget she touches.

The 40-year-old Brit scored the part of tech whizz Joanna Hoffman in the film about the late co-founder of Apple. But secretly she can’t believe she bagged the part, as she’s the hopeless with technology in real life.

“For some reason, every gadget I touch breaks!” she laughed to Germany’s TV Movie magazine. “I’m really the last person who should be in a film like this.”

Even when it comes to phones, the star is a lost cause. Unless it’s to do with messaging app WhatsApp, Kate has no clue. Unlike her onscreen alter ego, Kate doesn’t rely on technology to stay organised either. Instead she keeps things old fashioned with pen and paper, admitting there are post-its all over her house.

“I also write birthday and thank-you cards by hand,” she added. “It’s a lot more personal!”

Luckily Kate could rely on the woman herself to help her understand her character better. It also allowed her to get a grasp of Steve’s character.

“I have met Joanna. Several times,” she said according to vervemagazine.in. “She and I have spent many hours talking about the time that she spent in her life with Steve Jobs, both professionally as well as socially. They were quite good friends outside of their working relationship.

“She has been incredibly generous with her anecdotes, and information. She has a fantastic memory too, so there are little details that she has been able to share with me that I know not everyone has had the same kind of access to. She is a really wonderful woman, and I have been honoured to play this role.”

Steve Jobs hits cinemas from October 23 2015 and stars Michael Fassbender in the title role.

– Cover Media