Kate Winslet: Jobs movie will make my 30s

Kate Winslet sees Steve Jobs as the perfect way to end her 30s.

The British actress celebrates the big 4-0 in October, around the time her new feature based on the Apple founder hits cinemas. She plays Joanna Hoffman, of the original Mac and NeXT team, opposite Michael Fassbender in the title role.

For Kate, it’s a great project to celebrate the end of an era.

“To be honest, being in Steve Jobs is a big part of the closing chapter of my 30s. Holy Christ, what a way to end my 30s! I really do feel that way because of that film. The last two years for me have been incredibly busy, because I want to go rocketing to 40,” she explained to Vulture. “I want to get to that day and feel just so excited about the next chapter. It’s been a pretty punchy decade for me in many ways… When I was 21, shooting Titanic, I would think about being 40 and think, ‘Oh, my God, old people.’ But I can probably say I feel younger than I did in my 20s, and I know myself now in an utterly unquestionable way that I think in your 20s, you sort of think you do, but you haven’t got a f**king clue.”

The movie is shot in a unique way and is full of long tracking shots. This put pressure on the cast to make sure they didn’t make any mistakes, with Kate admitting she “sure as hell” didn’t want to mess up. She added that with a screenplay penned by Aaron Sorkin, any mishaps would cause the whole thing to unravel and turn to “dog sh*t”.

Luckily Kate and Michael worked in harmony on Danny Boyle’s project, with the actress in awe of Michael’s techniques.

“When you’re playing a character who’s talking and talking, pages and pages of dialogue without stopping, you have to be very respectful of how the other person works,” she added. “If we had a very difficult scene to do, we would often find ourselves gravitating toward quiet corners of the set, and I would almost be the hovering henchman, making sure that we had as much space as we needed.”

– Cover Media