Kate Winslet: ‘Lawrence won’t escape her pay gap comments’

Kate Winslet thinks Jennifer Lawrence will be quizzed on her gender pay gap comments forever.

The British actress shocked people in November (15) when she said discussing money is “vulgar”, insisting it isn’t a conversation to be had in public. In contrast, other female stars in the business, such as Jennifer, have pointed out how unfair the difference in pay between men and women is. While many applauded their bravery, Kate can’t quite identify with the decision.

“I have never concerned myself with monetary matters,” she told Deadline. “I almost feel like I can’t comment on other people’s comments, but I admire people who publicly stand up for themselves.

“I’ve never been in the situation where I feel the need to make those types of comments. I’m fortunate. I have a nice life and career and I’m blessed to be 40 years old and still doing it. However, it reminds me of the comments that I made on women and body image. At 40, I’m still getting asked questions about those statements that I made years ago. At 45, Jennifer Lawrence will still be asked about the pay issue.”

Kate’s career has gone from strength to strength since making her film debut in 1994’s Heavenly Creatures, and in 2009 she picked up the best actress Oscar for her role in The Reader. She was nominated for an Academy Award five times before finally scooping a gong for the 2008 flick. Kate has some pearls of wisdom for those in the same boat as her.

“You have to be a good loser,” she shared. “I don’t think it would have been good for me, winning at a younger age. I would then feel the pressure of having done something and maintaining that level of a winning streak. Rather, I could keep working and trying hard. Also, walking into the room on each of those five occasions, you know if you’ll win or lose. You really do. Knowing that I wasn’t going to win made it quite sensible and practical and got me through those moments.”

– Cover Media