Kate Winslet: Steve Jobs biopic was pretty gross

Kate Winslet found the “ridiculous hours” she had to work on Steve Jobs hard to deal with.

The Divergent actress stars in the biopic about the Apple Inc. co-founder alongside Michael Fassbender. As well as plough through weighty dialogue, the actors had to work anti-social hours, which the mother-of-three found a little tricky.

“We worked some ridiculous hours,” she told Britain’s Esquire. “We filmed in the opera house in the centre of San Francisco, which is a functioning opera house, so we’d start at midnight and film until midday. That’s pretty gross. I remember saying out loud, ‘God, I’m so knackered.’ And the props woman, who I knew from a couple of other jobs, said, ‘Honey, we’re here for a lot longer than you are. Shut the f**k up.’ And I went, ‘Oh my God, you’re so right.'”

Kate isn’t afraid to go all out for a role though. She auditioned for her part as Joanna Hoffman wearing a short wig and no make-up. Her commitment to her characters helped her secure an Academy Award in 2009 for her work on The Reader, and six years on the 39-year-old is still pinching herself about it.

“I really hoped that I might win the Oscar that year, and I b**ody did,” she grinned. “I remember absolutely all of it. It was the most glorious, fist-pumping, high-five, triumphant, all-consuming moment of my entire life. It was f**king amazing. It’s the biggest prize going, I won it, and it felt incredible. I’m not going to downplay it one bit.”

Hollywood is abuzz with talk about female equality, the types of roles available to women and the salaries actresses receive. But Kate finds it hard to comment on the situation, as she feels her own career has been more successful than she could ever have dreamed.

“I’ve noticed the roles that are coming my way are markedly different to the roles that were coming my way 20 years ago, but that’s only because I’m older,” she explained. “When I’m asked about the shortage of roles for women, I almost can’t bring myself to answer it because I’m so flipping lucky. The truth is, things are still coming my way.”

– Cover Media