Kaya Scodelario: I’m a lazy action actress

Kaya Scodelario was disappointed that Thomas Brodie-Sangster isn’t as lazy as her.

The brunette beauty reprises her role as Maze Runner heroine Teresa in the second instalment of the action franchise, Scorch Trials. This time survivors of the maze, also including Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and Newt (Thomas), must fight their way through a desolate landscape to uncover secrets about a mystery organisation called W.C.K.D.

Kaya was pleased to reunite with Thomas on the second movie, even though she was left feeling second best in some scenes.

“All that running we actually did and it was horrible. I was excited that Thomas would be there, I was like, ‘Great, Thomas is as lazy as I am, so I won’t look at bad.’ And he was really good! He was running up sand dunes. No, [he] didn’t [struggle], [he] looked cool doing it,” she laughed to BBC Radio 1.

Thomas, who made a name for himself as the adorable Sam in 2003 movie Love Actually, joined Kaya for the chat. He explained how he was drawn to the group dynamic of the franchise and how all the characters have looked out for each other since escaping the labyrinth in the first flick.

Promoting the film means the cast have to attend lots of screenings, which Kaya sometimes finds awkward.

“I get embarrassed watching it with my friends because they just turn around the whole time and go, ‘Aha that’s just you, what’re you doing that funny voice for?’ So I won’t be watching it with them,” she laughed.

“I love that there’s no romance storyline, it’s not frilly, it’s not soppy, it is an adventure from start to finish. It’s exhausting to watch, my mum had to have a nap after watching it. I liked how exciting it was, there’s no cut to them walking in the park kissing, which I always find really stupid in these kinds of movies.”

– Cover Media