Kevin Smith: So over impressing

Kevin Smith is no longer interested in winning people over with his work.

The American filmmaker-and-actor has been a name in the industry since 1994 film Clerks, which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in.

Now, 23 years later, he has an impressive body of work under his belt. However, it’s only recently he’s stopped caring what others think.

“For 20 years I tried to figure out how to win over the people who didn’t like my stuff. As an adult you realise that’s never going to happen and instead of spending all your energy trying to win over people who aren’t interested in your bulls**t, spend all your energy appreciating the people who show up in the first place,” he told British newspaper The Guardian.

Clerks remains his best-known work, and brought Jay and Silent Bob into the world. Jason Mewes plays Jay, while Kevin helms Silent Bob. There have been countless instalments and spin-offs involving the characters, including Mallrats. Clerks III will be hitting cinemas next year.

“Clerks, to me, was certainly not experimental, it was just cheap. I picked over my own life so much that there was nothing really interesting left to put into a movie, because I stopped living a real life at age 24,” he explained.

Because his first films were so much a part of him, 45-year-old Kevin finds it hard when people pick them apart. Luckily last year’s trippy horror movie Tusk, which saw Justin Long morph into a walrus, was another story.

“The thing about those early movies, it’s tough to have somebody judge them because I’m like, you’re not just judging the movie, you’re judging what happened to me in my life, because I ripped that from my life.

“With Tusk I didn’t do that. I wasn’t sitting there going well, if you make fun of Tusk then you’re making fun of me, because I loved a walrus once,” he revealed.

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