Kill Bill Vol. 3?

Quentin Tarantino is notorious, more than just about any other director, for talking constantly about projects he’s never going to make. He’s holding out hope for a spinoff about the Vega Brothers. He’s got 40 pages of anInglourious Basterds prequel that he may make some day. And he’s been talking for years about making a third installment of Kill Bill, and his actors have been backing him up on the plans– at least, until Inglourious Basterdscame down and quieted things down for a little while.

Now with Django Unchained coming out– yes, another original story that he didn’t talk up for years– Tarantino is doing some Q&A’s, and We Got This Covered caught up to ask about all those promises about Kill Bill Vol. 3. His answer was short, and potentially disappointing:

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